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  1. skinylightning25
    oh boy, has it been a long time since i last visited this place
  2. Benny the Panda
    Benny the Panda
    And now the name is green
  3. chibiwaffle
    chibiwaffle Donaltdrump
    omg donalt drump??!!! ur’re my favorite president!!!!’’!! <33 ;;*
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  4. Donaltdrump
  5. Neko and Demon gaming
    Neko and Demon gaming
    Hey Everybody! I'm New here and looking for people who will Minecraft RP and voice actors for the RP for youtube! Between ages 13-18 please!
  6. Ink_God_Bendy
    sorry i was away for so long my new name is Ink_God_Bendy i still have yet to update but yeah it has been forever i am back mates i am back
  7. Trisette
    Someone get me korean fried chicken and boba tea, pls and thanks :)
  8. ItzMeNinja
    ItzMeNinja Simuciokas
    i made a thread to be a staff please look at it
  9. AalvtynaJaf
  10. Alinkazhi
  11. Alinkavfg
  12. Alinkagaz
  13. MaargarytaJaf
    1. chibiwaffle
      yeah man i get you
      Dec 22, 2017
  14. Vaasylysaraick
    Мое творение [b][/b]
    1. chibiwaffle
      si amigo
      Dec 18, 2017
  15. KirbyClan
    I like this Survival server!
  16. EpicBuilder73
    EpicBuilder73 Silocraft
    Well simas changed the prices on all the signs so you can buy them now
    He didn't know and i bought a rank above plat
  17. EpicBuilder73
    EpicBuilder73 Silocraft
    why can you only buy up to platinum with in game money and will you change it back, if you are sure your never going to change it back i would like to get platinum rank
    1. Silocraft
      Platinum is the max now
      Dec 1, 2017
  18. EpicBuilder73
    EpicBuilder73 Silocraft
    Hey silo, so when you pay people money online it helps level them up, but people could explode this buy getting someone with more money to pay them so they level up, then just give that person money back. To fix this you could make so if somebody pays you, it doesn't level you up.
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    2. Silocraft
      Loaning is fine
      Nov 7, 2017
  19. Min Aly
    Min Aly
    Big Thank You To SIlo For Letting Me Be A Trainee! Thank You Very Much I Will Do My Very Best To Help This Server!! :D
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    2. Benny the Panda
      Benny the Panda
      Nov 6, 2017
    3. Min Aly
      Min Aly
      Ty bennyyy xD
      Nov 6, 2017
  20. EpicBuilder73
    EpicBuilder73 Simuciokas
    Found a glitch on prison, if you stand near a player thats mining you get the items they mine