Silocraft Minecraft Servers

We have launched a new server, you may join it thru the hub. Give us some feedback on it and report any bugs you find ^^
Silocraft should be fully compatible with changing your name, however since we have not tested it yet, we will have to wait and see if anyone has any issues. We would advise to wait one or a few more days before trying to change your name.
We have removed /plot clear command and added a /plot reset command instead. It allows to reset your plot's ownership and content, instead of just content.

We have also added:
/realname to check real username under the nickname
/skull on creative to get any player's head for premium+
Creative plots have been updated to support UUIDs, please check if your plots work and all are there. If not, please report the issue to us ^^

Bugfix: Flint and steel usage on the plots
Nether have been added to the Skyblock Server, enjoy!
Mobarena have been added to Survival Server! In order to get there, simply type: /warp mobarena
I am currently updating servers to 1.8 Minecraft version. I don't know yet how long it will take to for me to update them, but hopefuly I'll finish it within these two days.

Some plugins might not yet work on 1.8, so don't panic for not being able to disguise or call your pet.

If you find any bugs, report them to me via Private Message
+Visual bug fixes
+Colours and fonts are smoother
+Ranks added (you can transfer your in-game rank to the forums)
+New medals added
+New official Silocraft Wallpaper is currently being drawned, you will see it on the forums when it's done ^^

We also have a request, we need some ideas for new Medals, please post your ideas here ->

1.8 should be ready soon, most likely within this month, there're still some critical bugs that we are waiting to be fixed. Thank you for being patient and understanting! Stay Crafty :p
On a popular request, we have added one Arena back to the Creative Server. We will most likely add other Arenas as well with time.

Have fun :p
We have just launched the prison server! To join it simply type /servers and choose it.