Silocraft Minecraft Servers

Update: I have been working on the uuid compatibility since 10 am till now (that's around 15 hours with breaks). After an uuid update with plugins, everything broke down, all ranks vanished (i had to manually give everyone's ranks back), even plots were gone. I have managed to fix these two major problems.

I'm afraid that some of you may have lost inventories, money and /chests.

Sorry for inconvenience, I have tried my best and fixed as many things as I could... I only hope for forgiveness from people who lost anything valuable.

Since quite a few of you guys asked for a private vanilla server, we listened and launched!

Please review the application format and post your application here:
We just launched Kit PvP server with 40+ free kits! Try it out and give us some feedback :)
Just want to let you guys know that we have re-enabled PvP on Creative server.
Quite a few people suggested to make a ts3 server for voice chatting in game (Like Skype). Here is a step by step how to connect to it:

1. Download Team Speak 3 ->
2. Install it
3. Launch it
4. Click on the "Connections" (top left)
5. Click "Connect"
6. Type in your "Nickname" and "Server Address":
7. Click "Connect" and voila, you're done!

It is also recommended to change your microphone settings to your liked preference. Go to "Settings" -> "Options" -> "Capture" and choose either you want to use "Continuous Transmission" (Like on skype), "Voice Activation Detection" (Your microphone will turn on when you talk, less background noise) or "Push-To-Talk" (Holding a button you chose to turn on the microphone)

Don't be shy and join us, ts3 server might be empty for the next couple of days, but I think we'll start to get regular people here. ;)
Been getting a lot of questions about the "Media" section at the top menu. Yes, you can upload pictures there in any cateogry - it's not only for admins to use, it's for everyone to share their experience on Silocraft!

*click* :Snaphappy:

We're merging Hardcore and Skylands Survival servers with Main Survival server. If you want your plot, inventory, "/chest", money, mcmmo and rank to be transfered please click on the top right "Inbox", and Private Message me (Silonix) about this, this way everything will be organised for me and less confusing. Thank you!

NOTE: Please claim empty plots on survival server so we can copy paste your old plots on them! It will override the existing plot, that's why it must be empty. This also includes your inventories and "/chest" - it must be empty so we can override it.

+Merged all ranks
+Merged all "/chest" from Hardcore
Sorry for delay guys, i have exams, and this actualy takes a lot of time to do
Auctions have been added to OP and Survival server for testing, please report if you find any glitches!

For more info type "/auc"
To place a bid type "/bid"
Added new Mini-Games server that includes:
  • ColorMatch: Jump to the color corresponding to the wool color in your inventory!
  • Spleef: Destroy the floor under your opponents to make them fall and lose!
  • MineField: Run to the finish without touching the mines!
  • Jump'n'run: Jump to the finish!
  • DeadEnd: Don't fall while the blocks are disappearing behind you!
  • DisIntegration: Don't fall while the floor is disappearing!
  • LastArcherStanding: Shoot the others with the bow!
  • SheepFreenzy: Shear as many Sheeps as possible! Attention: Some of them explode.
  • SimpleSmokeMonster: Avoid the smoke.
  • SlapFight: Slap the others and make them fall!
  • ChickenTag Pass the chicken to others or you'll die!

Connect by typing a command "/server mini_games" or using compass item. Have fun!
Hey Silocrafters,

Just letting everyone know that extra worlds with large plots are now up and runing!

Survival Servers:
/warp plots (32x32 - Everyone)
/warp plots2 (64x64 - Titanium+)

Creative Server:
/warp normal (65x65 - Everyone)
/warp large (130x130 - Titanium+)
/warp huge (250x250 - Legendary+)
/warp massive (500x500 - Emperor+)

More info can be found on "Donate" page