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    1. fitz789
    2. 14 (Nov 12 1999)
    3. Almost three years
    4. I enjoy gathering a large amount of every item and extreme mega builds
    5. Castles, trees, expansive underground bases, statues and some others
    6. I could build some cool things
    7. Nope
    8. I want to join the server because I want to play vanilla minecraft with a new group of people and start fresh in multiplayer
    9. I just want to play the game and build cool things. I don't grief or steal except in factions
    10. I live in Washington state and I enjoy video games, minecraft specifically. I am a freshman in highschool and I have a lot of downtime. I'm in advanced English and am in geometry, which is a year ahead of my piers. Just want to find a new server :) Thank you!
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