[Creative] Blitz Build Contest #22

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    To make the Creative server a bit more interesting, we decided to have a weekly building competition! :)

    Every Sunday at 9PM CET/ 1PM PDT , we will have an event at /warp events lasting around 30 minutes (The time could change, depending on the difficulty of the building theme)
    The managers : luxb and HeyItsBlade (with occasional help from Diddychu) with a will pick the winners and the themes (occasionally taking suggestions from the suggestion box at spawn).

    1st place prize - 2k $ + Secret prize from the shop
    2nd place prize - 1k $
    3rd place prize - 500 $

    This week's theme :
    This week's winners :

    1st - Anitaa


    2nd - Wisely_Kamelot


    3rd - IneZilla_


    Congratulations everyone & Thanks for participating ! :D
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