Petition for the "Old" Prison Mechanics to Return

Discussion in 'Prison Server' started by ethan_rangerr, Mar 25, 2018.

Change the mechanics?

  1. Revert to the old!

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  2. Out with the old! In with the new!

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  3. Maybe we can just have both?

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  4. Other, please specify

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  1. ethan_rangerr

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    Personally, i liked it the way it was before. different prison blocks, each with their own farm, mine, dirt mine, hostile and friendly mob killers, and plots area. It was perfect. Instead of the reward for ranking up being a new mine, it was a new pickax, usually vastly superior to the previous one, meaning that every time you ranked up, you would eagerly check your inventory to see what cool new pick and shovel you got. Theses unique mechanics and ideas were also one of the things that drew me to silo's prison instead of the other hundreds of thousands of prisons. the new mechanics are the same thing that I've seen on a dozen other servers, the mechanics are old and dry and they've been used too many times, on too many servers.

    I'm starting a petition for the old prison map and mechanics to be re-implemented. If people really love this version of prisons (the new one) then maybe just have two prison servers? one thats "normal" (the new mechanics) and one thats "incremental" (the old mechanics)

    Thanks for considering my idea.

    Sincerely, Ethan_RangerR
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  2. Benny the Panda

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    This is a good suggestion, however each server (Creative, Survival and Prison) cost money to run and having a new one would cost more. And also (I'm not a coder or anything so idk if it is true) but the plugins used before are either outdated, cost money, don't exsit anymore or we're done by people who coded for Silocraft (but I might be wrong with everything I've said).

    But this is a good idea but I'm not sure if it is possible. It would be better to talk to Chickenchicken5 or Simuciokas (mainly Simas) about this on discord.

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