Prison Server Launch Date!

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    0c903807-7a2e-4d09-8b13-e608fe442798.jpg Prison server is launching this Saturday 7pm GMT! Here is a countdown:

    Launch Event:
    +For a limited amount of time first players who join will get a special bonus loot to start up!
    +10 rare and 2 legendary keys for crates will be given out! (crate keys will only be obtainable via voting and events)
    +50$ shop coupon giveaway will be given away to one lucky player!

    Features: +No pay to win!
    +Rank-up system A -> Z -> Free -> Prestige
    +Each rank's mine is different
    +Prestige system to repeat ranking up
    +PvP Arena
    +Plots to build
    +Free world
    +And much more to come!

    How to join when server launches:
    1. Join the our lobby server ip:
    2. Use server selector or type in /server prison
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    Is the Voting based on IP address or Account?
    When my kids try to Vote so they can get Crate keys as well, they get a message that they have already Voted today, but they didn't, I did? They are upset at missing out on their potential 6 keys each today and potentially everyday going forward. Four kids and 2 adults play in our home so are we limited to 6 keys total rather than 6 each per day?
    That would really suck!
    BTW the Server still says the "Server is going Live today at 7 GMT", a month later than it did I am seeing now...?
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    Based on both, meaning that 1 account per 1 IP on most sites, can't guarantee if on all.
    Also, thank you for noticing the old message, fixed it!
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