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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by LTdeadmau5, Dec 24, 2018.

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    I don't know if anyone here remembers me or if anyone is still active on the forum but I feel like I have to give my two cents about the current state of the server.
    Silocraft was one of my first minecraft servers ever. Here I've had some of the most memorable experiences in the game and this place will always be dear to my heart. Whenever I play the game I still get sad sometimes out of sheer nostalgia for the past times spent here.
    It deeply saddens me that the server is essentially on death's door(or pretty much past it) but I understand that's it difficult for the remaining staff to run it and keep it financially afloat. I hope you don't mind me trying to give some suggestions for reviving the server or at least keeping it stable (please don't take this as a token of disrespect in no way am I trying to force these suggestions this is just an opinion).

    1. Decreasing the amount of servers.
    The core of Silocraft has always been Survival and Creative. These were the places that fostered the community. Meanwhile, the side servers aren't as popular (comparatively) and they drain resources thus ramping up the costs. Silocraft shouldn't focus on being a Jack-of-all trades(servers like Hypixel already fill that role) but to instead have the friendly community be its main draw(similar to servers like Swancraft). Therefore, narrowing the server base (for the current time) to just Creative and Survival would be financially optimal.

    2. Promote voting
    Voting is pretty much the easiest publicity out there. The higher the server rank is, the more visible the server will be on various Minecraft ranking sites. Of course there should be some sort of reward system (In survival I remember there used to be diamonds but I don't know why it got removed) such as items/xp in Survival or maybe even some sort of rank system that would give more chat privileges (changing the colour of your name in chat and etc.) in Creative.

    3. Put the Facebook page to use or sell it
    I don't know if the staff still has control over the "Minecraft Servers" Facebook page but it could be used to bring some needed publicity. However, the traction for the page's posts is quite low compared to the number of people who've liked the page, so one would either have to resort to paying Facebook for better post traction or (as scummy as it sounds but considering the dire financial straights) outright selling it just to get some money towards running the server in the long term.

    4. Steam group
    The Steam group also has a substantial amount of members and it's probably possible to use it to bring in more members or to advertise the server (i.e. giving everyone notifications via it about new events and updates etc.)

    5. Changing the nature/structure of Survival.
    Recently when I joined the Survival server(when it was still up) I felt that it had lost its soul. It's a far cry from the days when you had a central market surruounded by player homes and further beyond you had the wilderness. If possible, we should strive to recreate that atmosphere i.e. have a more welcoming central hub with player homes around it. One could also borrow the idea of having "towns" from servers like Swancraft: having an open central hub with tutorials/warps and beyond said hub encouraging player to form towns/villages with housing plots and shared plots in order to create a greater sense of community.

    And that's pretty much it. Again I'm sorry if it sounds rude for bursting in out of a sudden after such a long period of time but I've always held Silocraft dear to my heart and whatever happens in the future I'll always be thankful to the entire community and staff for the memorable and wholesome experiences :h:.

    Best regards,

    P.s. If anyone from staff has the original silocraft survival map (with the oriental style central hub) file and doesn't mind sharing it, please hit me up ^^.
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    Some good ideas, however Silocraft has officially shut down (most likely forever).

    The less servers did happen. We had Creative and Survival going, as well as Prison (but I believe that didn't increase the server's payment).

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