Silocraft Minecraft Servers

+Changed Donator Kits
+Added New Liking System on Forums (You can check gained likes on your profile's left)
+Added Invitation System on Forums (
+Added New Levels on Forums (You gain these level by getting trophy points, uou can see your progress on the right side "Progress to Next Level." Read more at: ):
Dirt Level
Coal Level
Iron Level
Lapis Level
Redstone Level
Gold Level
Diamond Level
Emerald Level
Obsidian Level
Bedrock Level
Just letting you guys know that we have updated our servers to latest Minecraft version. Keep in mind, that some perks/commands might not be working for a temporary time due to an update. Basically, after each Minecraft update - plugins usually break, and we need to wait for the plugins' developers to update them. It's a process that requires only patience, so don't panic, everything will be updated like always :Cat:
Hey Silocrafters,

As most of you already know, the forums were down yesterday, because we were working on the new upgrade and the look itself due to little bugs that were unfixable on older versions. What do u guys think about the new design?