Silocraft Minecraft Servers

Obbybreaker will be added on January 20th. Basically you will be able to break obsidian blocks with 10-15 TNT explosions. Better find some expert TNT cannon crafters :p

Shops world will also be removed on January 20th, because most of the players simply use them to store their valuables items, instead of setting up actual shops.
We have added staff and donator ranks on the server. Ask me (Silonix) or kimqt for a rank!

Quite a few people suggested to make a ts3 server for voice chatting in game (Like Skype). Here is a step by step how to connect to it:

1. Download Team Speak 3 ->
2. Install it
3. Launch it
4. Click on the "Connections" (top left)
5. Click "Connect"
6. Type in your "Nickname" and "Server Address":
7. Click "Connect" and voila, you're done!

It is also recommended to change your microphone settings to your liked preference. Go to "Settings" -> "Options" -> "Capture" and choose either you want to use "Continuous Transmission" (Like on skype), "Voice Activation Detection" (Your microphone will turn on when you talk, less background noise) or "Push-To-Talk" (Holding a button you chose to turn on the microphone)

Don't be shy and join us, ts3 server might be empty for the next couple of days, but I think we'll start to get regular...
What are your resolutions for new year? :p
Added +600 new heads!

Added Emojis!
To install them use:
/emojis install

To enable them use:
/emojis enable

And to get a list of all emojis use:
/emojis list
Hover above the emojis and you'll see their alias

If u get tired of them, you can always disable them with:
/emojis disable
+Trails (Wings/Trails/Rain/Ground Block Trails)
+Heads Collection
+Bow Particles

Trails and capes will be added to other servers as well later on after fully testing out on Creative. Btw, those who had old particles can exchange them to something else on the donation page!
"/plot protect" changed to "/plot flag set keep true"
Added /plot biome
Added /plot rate
Added /plot comment
Added /plot kick
Added /plot trust (trusted players can build when you're offline, normally added players can only build when you're online)
Added some furniture to +legendary: gravestone, sofa, fence, sunshade, streetlamp, billboard, mailbox, weaponstand, blackboard, snowgolem, candycane (/furniture give <name>). Other ones are available on the donation store!

As some of you might already know, Rose (AsunaSanPro) passed away last week from Stage 4 Leukemia. When I heard about it, I simply felt speechless and empty inside. Was planning to send her an early Christmas gift (one of those staff figurines), but was already too late. Rose was a kind and overall awesome person, I have spent so many hours chatting with her, it feels so strange when you know you won't be able to say "Hi" again.

Tesla said that in her last moments she had a smile on her face, which gives me a glimpse of peace that she was truly happy before leaving this world, that she also had good moments in her life and here. Rose still exists, just in a different place now..
1st place: @Rosie1122
2nd place: @spookori
3rd place: @Zsozso2

Everyone participating got their rewards!
+New perks on the donation system
+Tweaks on mines
+New warps (for a full list use /warp)
+Fixed pvp kicked for flying bug
+Rankup prices rework
+Removed PvP from block 3 and 4
+Added prestige system (After reaching "Free" rank, you can start over and after block 5, you'll be put in to exclusive block 6 prison)
+Added leaderboards (/warp leaderboards)
+Buffed block 5's wood mine
+Added 14 new plots to Block IV
+Added /warp yard